The Problem

There are few things more complex than today’s financial system. The vast breadth of options and information is nothing short of paralyzing.

The United States tax code plus IRS guidance totals over 70,000 pages, that is over 31,500,000 words. There are over 1,000 different credit cards to choose from, over 6,100 publicly traded stocks on the US stock exchanges, over 5,000 different ETFs and over 9,500 different mutual funds. There are over 16 different types of mortgages, over 20 different types of retirement plans to choose from, the list goes on and on. The rules, options, and exceptions are debilitating to even think about.

On top of all the rules, options, and exceptions, the current system used to meet this need is focused on products and not advice, it is focused on transactions and not education. There is not a product, portfolio, legal document, or tax return that can answer these questions or overcome the intricacies that you and I face everyday in our financial life.

My work and hobby is mastering these complexities and I enjoy it greatly, not just for the sake of mastery but because I see the real impact that making the right educated decision can have on a person’s life.

My Why

Stephen Covey suggests “beginning with the end in mind” and this framing has transformed my outlook. Focusing on what matters most and picturing the product before beginning the journey is what has led me here.

I love my job. I am blessed to serve the income tax needs of numerous individuals and families, but the role of an effective CPA is broader than accurate preparation of tax returns. These individuals and families need more than just a CPA as historian, they need their advisors to be proactive in decision making and planning.

The End in Mind

Have you ever been white-water rafting? I have been a few times and love it! The adrenaline of battling the water and not knowing what’s around the corner is exhilarating. What is fascinating about white-water rafting is that the rocks under the surface that provide the rapids are the source of the fun but also the source of the danger. These rocks are invisible to all six or eight riders except one, the guide. The group paddles and powers the raft while the guide looks ahead, having been down this river hundreds of times, steering the raft from the threats that lie ahead.

Life is full of firsts and amid the complex rapids of health insurance, retirement planning, taxes, portfolio selection, life insurance, estate planning, etc. I want a raft guide to be looking ahead as I paddle down river.

This is my passion and vision. To come alongside individuals and families to educate and assist in navigating the opaque journey of managing the household finances always keeping the end in mind; to accomplish each individual’s unique set of goals and objectives.